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Factory audit on-site

A. Basic info: Factory’s building, area, workers, staffs, production lines, equipment

B. Documents: Business license, export certificates etc.

C. Production ability: Factory’s production lines, output ability, R&D ability.

D. QC system: Check the quality control system, quality control process, records etc.

E. Production process: Check the production process in workshop.

F. Products: Check products quality, Function, package, sample show room etc.


Workmanship check

Workmanship check is the most important part of product inspection.

Inspector selected samples according to ANSI/ASQ Standard Z1.4-2008 or client’s request.

All defects will be recorded in report and take detail photos with a caption. You can refer to bellow photos. And we will give a result (PASSED/FAILED) for this part according to the standard and defective quantity.

All defects will be picked out by inspector and Supervise factory rework.


Performance check

Performance check is to check the function & performance and parameter of products. We use different test items for different products. All test items will be confirmed with you before testing, and you can decide on the final test items, we will also give you some reasonable Suggestions for your reference.

Here we selected a few test items to give you a better understanding of the testing part of the inspection process. Please refer to bellow chart: