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Pre-shipping inspection:

Inspector visit factory to check products from below area:

A. Account order quantity if ready and correct.

B. Check package, printing, logo, label, sticker, marks, barcode, shipping mark.

C. Check products appearance, finishing, outlook, artwork and pick out defects.

D. Do the related basic function test, operate test.

E. Check the special required point of clients asked.

F. Take video about products outlook and function.


Quantity check

Quantity check is necessary for Pre-shipment Inspection/Final Random Inspection(PSI), During Production Inspection(DPI), Full Inspection and Supervision of lading.

The quantity check includes the unfinished product, packed and unpacked product. And all the data would be recorded in the quantity chart of report.


Measurement check

Measurement check includes package size & weight check and product size & weight check. All measurement information would be recorded in report like the bellow picture.


FBA Label check

Each unit send to Amazon warehouse deeds a scan able bar code enable to storage at Amazon fulfillment center.


Container loading check:

Check the whole loading process, ensure full quantity and right products loaded, and inspector left only after the container locked and truck left.