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Discovery of large amount of natural gas in the North Sea of Norway
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Houston based ConocoPhillips announced the discovery of new gas condensate in production license 1009, 22 miles northwest of the Heidrun field and 150 miles off the Norwegian coast of the Norwegian Sea. ConocoPhillips Skandinavia as, the operator of the license area,  has a 65% mining interest. Norway as, upstream of pgnig, has a 35% mining interest.

The discovery well 6507 / 4-1 (Warka) was drilled at a depth of 1312 feet with a total depth of 16355 feet. According to preliminary estimates, the recoverable reserves found are between 50 million and 190 million barrels of oil equivalent. Further evaluation will be carried out to determine potential flow rate, final resource recovery rate of the reservoir and development plan.

Matt fox, executive vice president and chief operating officer, said that since the discovery of the Ekofisk field in 1969, we have established a strong position on the Norwegian continental shelf, and we are a very active industry operator and partner in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea. This discovery may be the largest discovery on the Norwegian continental shelf this year, enhancing our position in the Norwegian Sea and the Hyderabad region. Warka's discovery and potential future opportunities mean very low resource supply costs, which can extend our decades of success on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The Warka well, drilled by the leiv eiriksson rig, will continue to drill the 6507 / 5-10 s exploration well (sluggle) in the production license area 891, 14 miles north-east of the Heidrun field. ConocoPhillips Scandinavia limited, as the operator of the production license area 891, has an 80% mining interest and Pandion energy has a 20% mining interest.