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Care for the Elderly, JiPeng’s Public Welfare Travel
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Filial piety is the foundation of virtue, and all moralization comes from the foundation of filial piety. Filial piety has been the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation since ancient times and is the basis of every Chinese son and daughter. The master said, "filial piety, the book of heaven, the righteousness of the earth, and the deeds of the people." Through the ages, countless predecessors have written one classic story after another with their filial piety, teaching generations of generations of descendants to practice their filial piety and inherit the culture of filial piety. On June 28th, under the leadership of Mr. Gao Peng, the chairman of Anhui JiPeng Engineering Supervision and Consulting Co., Ltd, JiPeng staffs visited the gerocomium, and donated a series of household goods to them. At the gerocomium, JiPeng staffs not only brought rice, noodles, oil, also sent a variety of flowers bonsai and a batch of chairs. The chairman Mr. Gao Peng, took the old people's hand with caring and attentive, detailed asking about their daily life, and said: "For a long time, JiPeng always believes that enterprises should have a strong sense of social responsibility, understand to lead social fashion by personal example, thus play a role in promoting social progress. The concept of repaying society with gratitude, is always one of the corporate culture adhered in Anhui JiPeng.” The gerocomium representative expressed their thanks for JiPeng staffs. She said “There were 31 of Five Guaranteed personnel, 19 of three non-personnel, and old people such as aged, disability, mentally disabled are concentrated feed here. What the old people lack most now is the companion of their families and the care of the society. Your arrival lets the old man feel the happiness that has not seen for a long time.” The chairman Mr. Gao Peng said “Respecting the old and loving the old has always been a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. It is Anhui JiPeng's unchanging insistence to internalize this virtue in mind and externalize it in practice. In the future, Anhui JiPeng will continue to insist the concept of ‘holding a good heart and then building a great cause", and continue to carry out various forms of charity activities, for contributing to the country's philanthropy.”