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China may become the world's largest gas importer in October
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In October, China may overtake Japan as the world's largest gas importer, according to fatih birol, director of the international energy agency.

Speaking at the oil and currency conference in London, Mr Birol said: "the gas market is in transition. There are three key points. The first is China. The country is making a big push to become a major player in the gas market.” "In October or November, China will overtake Japan as the world's largest gas importer," he said. The gap will widen next year.” The second key point, Mr Birol argues, is the growth of America's LNG production. The iea expects the US to account for about 75 per cent of LNG supply growth over the next five years. As a result, the United States will join Qatar and Australia as one of the top three suppliers of liquefied natural gas."The third key point is that whenever we talk about gas, we immediately think of the industrial sector," says Mr Birol. The industrial sector is gradually overtaking the power sector as the main driver of growth in global gas demand.

Based on above, more and more gas pipeline products and relevant service such as inspection service will be increased in next 5years.