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The first exploratory well in Brazil's project successfully opened
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at 19:55 on October 24, local time, PetroChina International (Brazil) Company (Brazil) Peroba-1, the first exploration well of Peroba project, drilled smoothly, marking the beginning of oil and gas exploration in Peroba project, laying the foundation for the project to enter an efficient exploration "fast lane". The Peroba project is another important ultra-deep-sea exploration area in which PetroChina succeeded in bidding for the third round of product division under the Brazilian deep-sea salt in October 2017 after the world-class giant oil and gas discovery of the Ribera project. On January 31 this year, the Peroba Product Sharing Contract was formally signed, marking the project into the substantive operation phase. The project block is located in the subsalt core area of Santos Basin, Brazil, adjacent to Lula, Shabinho and other world-class large oilfields, so far has not been drilled. Since the signing of the Peroba project contract, CNOOC International Latin America Company has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the Group Corporation and CNOOC International Company's instructions on speeding up the deployment of exploration work and actively promoted the planning of exploration wells.

The Brazilian company has cooperated with partners such as Brazilian National Oil and British Petroleum through the Operations Committee and the Technical Subcommittee. Such joint project management platform, give play to the comparative advantages of each partner company, strive for early exploration, early detection, early development, early revenue, has been unanimously recognized by the operators and partner companies. The consortium reached agreement on exploration strategy, exploration plan, annual work and budget plan for 2018, and bidding strategy for the first exploration well. In August this year, the deployment of the first exploration well was completed, and the contract for integrated drilling and testing services was negotiated and signed in early October. The well is expected to be drilled in March 2019. Less than nine months after the signing of the contract, the Brazilian Peroba project completed the deployment of the first exploration well and drilled smoothly, greatly shortening the one-and-a-half-year drilling preparation period as usual for the Brazilian deepwater oil project. It is the result of practical and efficient cooperation between PetroChina and its partners, and is another step for PetroChina to explore and develop ultra-deepwater oil as Important milestone.